Top 10 Netflix Drinking Games of 2019

Edit: Our 2020 list of Netflix drinking games can be found here!

Another year another slew of Netflix originals and classic television programs to make some drinking rules for. This year we tried to include as many games as possible from different styles of shows. Comedies, Cartoons, Dramas, Horror, whatever!

So grab a drink and dive in to our list of the 10 best Netflix drinking games in 2019.

Russian Doll

Russian Doll is a show that messes with time and endless loops. So you will see a lot of the same scene play out in slightly different ways. Making for some perfect recurring drinking rules!

Drink once whenever

  • Anyone lights up a cigarette
  • Someone takes a shot or does drugs
  • Anyone makes a phone call
  • Someone finishes someone else’s sentence for them
  • A wedding ring box is shown

Drink 3 times whenever

  • Someone dies and their day gets restarted
  • Oatmeal is spotted
  • Someone gets totally hammered
  • Someone brings up a new theory to explain what’s happening


This is Matt Groening’s new show about a girl who’d rather drink and run her life into the ground then become the next queen like her father wants. With the amount of drunken tomfoolery that happens in this show it pairs great with a few drinks.

Take sip whenever…

  • Anyone in the show takes a sip of booze
  • Elfo is being naive about something
  • Someone dies. (If it’s a ton of people dying at once just drink until the bloodbath stops)
  • Anyone smacks or hits Luci
  • Elfo introduces himself to someone
  • Bean complains about her life
  • Luci says “Do it!”
  • There’s a scene of people looking into the green flame
  • Queen Oona does something oddly reptilian
  • Luci tries to sleep with someone


You is more of a psychological thriller and not something you’d expect to make for a great drinking game. But you’d be wrong. All the skin crawling creepiness in this show makes is a great reason to have a few drinks and calm your nerves.

Take a sip of your drink whenever…

  • Anyone says the namesake of the show “You”.
  • Someone receives a text
  • Joe is seen peering through a window
  • Beck talks about her poetry
  • There’s a sex scene
    • Drink twice if joe is watching it like a creep
  • Peach brags about something
  • Paco’s parents are being total degenerates

Finish your drink whenever…

  • Someone gets brutally murdered

Bojack Horseman

BoJack Horseman Drinking Game -

This instant cult-classic is hyper depressing. It’s like watching someone hit rock bottom and then just watching them crawl around at that level for the rest of his life. Between the dry humor and constant partying this is a great show.

Drink once whenever…

  • Someone says something depressing (bottoms up!)
  • Todd says something profoundly stupid
  • Vincent Adultman does something that totally makes him an adult and not two kids stacked on top of each other.
  • Diane mentions something about social justice or some type of cause she’s rallying for
  • There’s a clip from a TV show within the show.
    • Drink again if that sitcom is Horsin’ Around

Finish your drink whenever you see Bojack as a kid

The Office

If there’s ever been a show that’s worth a million re-watches it’s The Office. So if you’re planning to run through this series for the 14th time why not grab a few drinks along the way?

Drink once whenever…

  • Michael tells a joke
    • Drink twice if it falls flat
  • Michael tries to hit on someone
  • Michael awkwardly mentions race, gender or sexuality
  • Jim looks at the camera
  • Jim plays a prank on Dwight
  • Pam or Jim exchange a longing look at each other
  • Dwight complains to Michael
  • Dwight corrects someone when they mention his position at Dunder Mifflin
  • Kelly annoys Ryan
  • Pam answers the phone
  • Creed says something suspicious

Finish your drink whenever

  • Michael insults Toby

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig Drinking Game -

Now most people don’t play drinking games to children’s TV shows. But you’re not the average person you filthy degenerate. This mind numbing piece of children’s entertainment passes much quicker after a drink or two.

Drink One Everytime

  • Peppa asks a question
  • George mentions dinosaurs
    • Drink twice if he says “rawr”
  • Polly repeats something
  • Everyone on screen laughs
    • Drink twice if they all fall down for no reason
  • Peppa is needlessly mean to George
  • Chocolate cake is mentioned
  • Ms Rabbit makes an appearance and has a new job
  • Suzy Sheep and Peppa argue about something
  • George cries
  • Daddy Pig claims to be an expert in something
    • Drink twice if he actually is
  • Grandpa Pig mentions sailing or is on a boat
  • You spot Teddy or Mr.Dinosaur

Chug for as long as

  • Peppa Pig is singing

The Good Place

The Good Place Drinking Game -

As far as existential comedies go The Good Place is tops. This one was tough to come up with solid drinking rules to with all the paradigm shifts but we managed to get down a great game.

Drink once every time…

  • Eleanor tries to swear but it gets replaced with another word
  • Michael doubts his creations
  • Chidi gives Eleanor an ethical dilemma
    • Drink 2 if Eleanor chooses the immoral option
  • Tahani says something condescending
  • Jianyu is asked a question, to which he doesn’t reply because he’s still a buddhist monk
  • Anyone asks Janet a question
  • Eleanor has a flashback to her doing something mean
  • Something negative happens to the world as a result of one of Eleanor’s decisions
  • Janet gets reprogrammed
  • You notice something suspiciously evil
  • Trevor says something evil

Finish your drink whenever

  • Eleanor travels from one of the “places” to another.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror Drinking Game -

This creepy tech sci-fi is all about the dark future that our phones and tablets can take us to. Most of the episodes center around some alternate reality except for that one about shagging a pig.

Drink once whenever

  • You hear a notification noise (Like a bloop from a phone or computer)
  • Someone sends a message or e-mail from their phone
  • Someone plays video games
  • There’s a close up of a television
  • Someone gets injected with something
  • You notice a device attached to someone’s head
  • Eerie music plays in the background

Drink 3 times whenever

  • Someone cries
  • Someone enters virtual reality

Finish your drink whenever

  • Someone dies or is imprisoned.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Brooklyn Nine Nine drinking game -

Nine Nine! Jake Peralta’s relentlessly laid back style has made this a comedy that shouldn’t be missed. So grab a drink and follow our easy drinking rules to one of the best comedies orunning today.

Take a drink whenever…

  • Gina mentions texting or emojis
  • Boyle says something inappropriate without realizing it
  • Rosa threatens someone
  • Terry mentions his workout routine or his love of yogurt
  • Scully or Hitchcock do something gross
  • Amy is being overly serious
  • A gun is shot

Take 3 drinks whenever…

  • Jake comes up with a name for Amy’s sex tape
  • A perp gets physically taken down
  • Jake sings a song
  • The Pontiac Bandit makes his first appearance in an episode
  • Holt’s husband makes his first appearance in an episode

The Haunting Of Hill House

Another unnerving and strange horror show on Netflix is Haunting of Hill House. A glass or two might help you from jumping like a little boy every time this show tries to scare you.

Take a sip of your tasty beverage whenever…

  • Someone says “dad” or “daddy”
  • Slow creepy music begins to play
  • Someone wakes up from a nightmare
  • There’s a jump scare
    • Take 3 sips instead if you got scared from it
  • Anyone sends or receives a text message or phone call
  • Someone feels the need to clarify that they don’t believe in ghosts or the supernatural
  • A doorknob begins to shake or jiggle
  • Anyone uses an analogy to try and explain something

Finish Your Drink Whenever Someone Is Pronounced Dead In The Show. 

That wraps it up for our top 10 Netflix drinking games. If there’s something you wish was on this list feel free to check out our massive archive of drinking games because chances are it’s already in there. Cheers!