The 10 Best Drinking Game Apps in 2019

This year we decided to rank what we think are the best Drinking Game Apps we have seen. These are ranked by how much fun we had playing them and testing them out.

10 Best Drinking Game Apps in 2019

King Of Booze

Availability: Android, Apple and Steam

Cost: Free with optional IAP on Andoid and Apple, $3.29 on Steam.

A personal favorite and all around good time. This app delivers. What happens here is everyone picks their avatar and name and then starts the game. It plays out like a sort of drunken Mario Party where people take turns rolling an on-screen die and moving their piece forward. Depending where they land is how much they will need to drink or what task they will be challenged with. You really can’t go wrong with this one.

Never Have I Ever on Air Console

Availability: PC, Android, IPhone, Anything with a browser really.

Cost: Free

Alright well this one isn’t it’s own stand alone app but it’s something even better since it won’t require any lengthy download times or sharing a phone. It’s played on Air Console which means all people need to do is host the game on PC and then connect to it on their individual phones over at and then just play along.

Drink And Tell

Drink And Tell Drinking Game App -

Availability: Apple

Cost: Free

This app is one of the best ice breakers on this list. A great tool for encouraging people to loosen up and get to know each other. What happens is you boot it up and write in the player’s names. Then choose 1 of the many great categories depending on how spicy you want the evening to be. From there the phone will tell you who starts the game and they are passed the phone. They must answer a question while everyone else tries to guess which answer they picked. Losers drink, easy enough!

Most Likely To

Most Likely To -

Availability: Android

Cost: Free

Another great app by the makers of the aforementioned King of Booze App. This one focuses a little more on interacting and getting to know each other. In this game the group is given a series of scenarios and then everyone points at who is most likely to do that thing. It’s always a hilarious time finding out what your friends really think of you.


Availability: Apple

Cost:Free with optional IAP

This app is a great all-around drinking game. After everyone is set up then the app will dish our a series of trivia questions and challenges. Making the loser of them take a drink. What makes this app stand out is that it’s separated into 3 periods like a game of hockey with each period raising the stakes in how much the loser needs to drink. So this is a great choice for a more thorough drinking session.

I Think You Drink

Availability: Apple

Cost: Free

Unlike most of the other choices on this list this app focuses on team play and working together. So if you ended up with a poor choice in teammate you might end up drinking a lot for their stupidity. With a myriad of different drinking prompts like trivia, timed questions, challenges and group drinking there’s no shortage of fun to be had here.


Drinking Game Seven -

Availability: Android, Apple

Cost: Free

This is one of the most straight forward drinking games ever. Simply open it up and read the cards. Pass the phone along and do what the cards say until you are ready to stop. It’s truly a no-nonsense way to get right to the fun-stuff. With a wonderful art-style and over 400 different cards that might come up this one has a ton of replay value.


Availability: Android, Apple

Cost: Free with optional IAP

In true drinking game style this one gets right to the drinking. With a mix of rule cards, mini games and the ruthless “bottoms up” card this app won’t disappoint. A great way to breath a bit of life into a staling party.

My Friends Are… on Air Console

Availability: PC, Android, Iphone, Anything with a browser really.

Cost: Free (Air console charges you a subscription fee to play with more than 4 players at a time)

Another great fluid app on Air Console by the same creator of the Never Have I Ever app. This one rewards a dirty mind as players are encouraged to ridicule and embarrass each other. This great app isn’t for those with fragile sensitivities, but for everyone else it’s a great time.

Game Of Shots

Availability: Android

Cost: Free

For those of use who would rather just play some of the more traditional drinking games there’s always the Game of Shots apps. This lists 23 cool drinking games that are mostly unique to this app so you can choose which one you are in the mood for.

This list is simply our favorite drinking game apps in 2019 and we haven’t tested every app in the world. So if you think something is sorely missing from this list or you wanted to bring attention to your own app let us know on our contact form and we’d be happy to give it a shot.