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  • Ibble Dibble Rules by

    How To Play The Ibble Dibble Drinking Game

    This is one of the more unique drinking games we have in our database. It’s a vocal drinking game that also requires a few household items. Namely a cork and a match. In the Ibble Dibble drinking game each palyer gets a mark on them, and then must try to call the other players without […] More

  • The Hurruudah Drinking Game by

    How to Play Hurruudah – The Mongolian Drinking Game

    Hurruudah is similar to drinking games like Fingers. The goal of the game is to guess how many fingers will be showing total between you and the opponent. This drinking game is a two player game. Since all you really need to play this game is some drinks, it’s easy to play in any social […] More

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    How To Play The Spanish Drinking Game Los Chunguitos

    If you’re the type of person who can’t follow a beat to save their life then you’re going to be doing a lot of drinking during this one. The Los Chunguitos drinking game is a fairly simple drinking game where people singing to the beat that the other players are making. However it gets really […] More

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    How To Play Jiuling

    Here we outline how to play the Jiuling; the ancient Chinese drinking game that’s still played around barstools today. The game is also sometimes known as Fingers. Unlike most other drinking games this one doesn’t require any equipment. No cards, dice or anything like that so it’s perfect for any social setting. History Of Jiuling […] More

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    How To Play Drink If… Plus Example Questions!

    Drink If… is a simple verbal drinking game in which people simply state things and anyone who matches that description drinks. It’s a great idea for bachelor or bachelorette parties to get people talking before a night out. What You’ll Need To Play All you need is some drinks and a bit of creativity. If […] More

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    How To Play What Are The Odds

    The vocal game “What Are The Odds” is akin to truth or dare with only the daring part. To summarize it what happens is one person proposes a dare then both players guess a number. If they match they the one who was dared is S.O.L. and is stuck doing the task. Be warned, this […] More

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    How To Play Konpira Fune Fune, The Geisha Drinking Game

    This Konpira Fune Fune drinking game is referred to as “ozashiki asobi” which refers to a drinking party game played with a Geisha. Although there is many different ones, this one is usually the most common. It’s a rhythm game that involves the players tapping a bowl in the that’s between them and the geisha […] More

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    Medusa Drinking Game Rules

    The Medusa Drinking Game is basically just a way to down a bunch of shots really quickly. which is a great for pre gaming or to start out your night. The game itself is pretty simple but you will need a buttload of shot glasses. The idea of Medusa is each round everyone opens their […] More

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    How To Play the Mr and Mrs Drinking Game

    The Mr and Mrs drinking game is found most commonly at bachelorette parties. The game is designed to find out just how well a bride and groom know each other which can often end up with some hilarious results. What happens is the groom answers a bunch of questions, then the bride has some drinks […] More

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    Zoom Schwartz Profigliano Rules

    The idea of the Zoom Schwartz Profigliano drinking game is to trip up the other players and get them to say the wrong word or speak up at the wrong time, causing them to drink. The trick to this game is to try and convince someone it’s their turn when it really isn’t without using […] More

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