How To Play The Japenese Drinking Game Ping Pong Pang

The Ping Pong Pang game is both simple and difficult at the same time. It’s a vocal game where people simply point to each other and say the correct word although you’ll find as players have a few drinks and the game speeds up that becomes harder and harder.

What You’ll Need To Play

There’s really no requirements for this game other than a drink in hand. It can also work with any number of players but we suggest groups of 4 or larger.

How To Play the Ping Pong Pang Drinking Game

Once all players are in a circle either around a table or on the floor then the game is ready to begin. Someone starts by pointing at someone and yelling “Ping!”. Whoever was pointed to must respond by pointing at someone else and saying “Pong!”. That person must do the same while saying “Pang”.

The game continues as such with players yelling “Ping!” , “Pong!”, “Pang”, “Ping!” , “Pong!”, “Pang”, etc… Until someone messes up by either forgetting to point, taking too long, or saying the wrong word. That person drinks while the rest of the players say “iki iki iki!”.

Typically to keep things interested play will speed up to catch people off guard and make them drink. Also it’s good to note that you’re not allowed to point back at the player who just pointed in you and that also results in a loss and drink.

The Ping Pong Pang drinking game is a fun way to laugh and share a few drinks. We’d suggest playing it later in the night once people have had a few drinks to make it more difficult. Although as with any drinking game please make sure to drink responsibly and never drink and drive.