How To Play Drink If… Plus Example Questions!

Drink If… is a simple verbal drinking game in which people simply state things and anyone who matches that description drinks. It’s a great idea for bachelor or bachelorette parties to get people talking before a night out.

What You’ll Need To Play

All you need is some drinks and a bit of creativity. If you’re lacking a bit in the creativity department we came up with a big list of examples so you can simply chose your favorite each turn.

How To Play

Gather everyone around a table or on the floor. Choose someone to start the game and from there the turn order is clockwise. This game works best if everyone has a full drink to start off with.

Now everyone takes turns stating things. Such as “Drink if you’re not wearing any underwear”. Anyone who fits that description drinks!

Play for as little or as long as you want. If you want you can also play where whoever drinks each round gets a point and first to 10 points wins the game because they are clearly the biggest party animals in the bunch.

Drink If Questions

Drink If…

  • you’ve had sex tonight
  • you’re too drunk to drive right now
  • you woke up past noon
  • you’ve ever lost a shoe
  • you grew up poor
  • you have been caught masturbating
  • you’ve had a sex dream about someone in the circle
  • you’ve stolen money
  • you have tried cocaine
  • you prefer cats to dogs
  • less than 3 people have texted/called/messaged you tonight
  • you hate board games
  • you sleep naked
  • you’re not drunk enough yet
  • you’re in love
  • you’re hoping someone here asks you out
  • you’ve ever done a kegstand
  • you’ve been cheated on
  • you’ve gotten lucky in a public place
  • you don’t know everyone’s name in the circle
  • you have lied during this game

The game is really easy to play and follow along with. Drink If is a great game to get everyone drinking and maybe learn a few things about your friends that you wish you never have.