Medusa Drinking Game Rules

The Medusa Drinking Game is basically just a way to down a bunch of shots really quickly. which is a great for pre gaming or to start out your night. The game itself is pretty simple but you will need a buttload of shot glasses. The idea of Medusa is each round everyone opens their eyes and focuses on a specific player. If two people are staring at each other they both yell “Medusa!” and take a shot together. Easy enough!

Preparing The Game

The only thing difficult about this preparation is finding enough shot glasses. I mean sure you could play where each person just gets one glass and refills it but it’s much funner to see the table full of shot glasses slowly dwindle.

Now everyone needs to agree on a liquor and fill up each glass on the table. Doesn’t matter how many are filled. This game works with any number of players but we suggest at least 4 to minimize the chances of alcohol poisoning.

Medusa Drinking Game Rules

Once the table is set with shot glasses than the game is ready to begin. Pick someone who’s going to be doing all the counting in the game.

Each round whoever is counting tells everyone to close their eyes. He/she then counts down from 5 and when they reach zero everyone opens their eyes fixed on a specific player. If any two players are staring at each other then they both need to yell “Medusa!” and then take a shot from the table.

Rinse and repeat until each shot is finished. By this point you should already be pretty toasty.


The Medusa drinking game is all in good fun but it’s one of those games that tends to get out of hand. Please make sure to mind your limits and take a break if you think you need one.