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The Twelve Days of Dissmas – The Offensive Holiday Drinking Game

If you’re the kind of person who loves getting a buzz on to help withstand the in-laws this holiday season then our Twelve Days of Dissmas drinking game will help make that easier. Consider it a way to air your grievances and enjoy yourself at the same time. The idea of this game is much like the classic Christmas song the Twelve Days of Christmas except instead of listing gifts at Christmas time you’ll be dissing the other people at the table. This game is best played by a group of people who can take a joke.

What You’ll Need to Play

Ample amount of nog’ or any other holiday beverage and a table to gather around.

How to Play the Twelve Days of Dissmas Drinking Game

First you need to decide who will be starting up the game. Basically how it works is much like the Twelve Days of Christmas song except more offensive. People take turns singing the next verse of the song by choosing another person in the room and then something embarrassing about them. “On the first day of dissmas, OtherPerson gave to me, his tiny little feet“. Then it’s that persons turn to do the next verse and they pick a new person to continue. After each verse whoever sung it must also repeat the ones that came before just like the regular song. If anyone messes up it’s bottoms up and the game restarts!

Here’s a Quick Example Round…

Jim, Zeke, Abigail and Thanatos are sitting at the table and decide to play the Twelve Days of Dissmas. Zeke starts it off.

Zeke: “On the first day of dissmas ♪♪ Abigail gave to me ♪♪ her sexual insecurity.”

Abigail: “On the second day of dissmas ♪♪ Zeke gave to me ♪♪ his fragile masculinity ♪♪ and my sexual insecurity”

Zeke: “On the third day of dissmas ♪♪ Jim gave to me ♪♪ that massive gap between his teeth ♪♪ and my fragile masculinity ♪♪ and abigails sexual insecurity.”

Jim: “On the fourth day of dissmas ♪♪ Thanatos gave to me ♪♪ an unhealthy bloodlust ♪♪ that massive gap between my teeth ♪♪ Zekes sexual insecurity ♪- – -”

BZZT. Jim loses the game because he messed up the order of the disses. He’s gotta pound back his drink and now it’s his turn to start up the next round. The Twelve Days of Dissmas ends when someone successfully finishes all twelve verses in order or when people think they’ve drank too much to ever complete it.