How To Play the Mr and Mrs Drinking Game

The Mr and Mrs drinking game is found most commonly at bachelorette parties. The game is designed to find out just how well a bride and groom know each other which can often end up with some hilarious results. What happens is the groom answers a bunch of questions, then the bride has some drinks and tries to guess his answers.

What You’ll Need

For this game you’ll either need a paper or computer (something to write down the questions) plus ample amounts of alcohol for the bride. If you want to make it extra embarrassing consider filming the bride’s responses to send to the groom.

How to Play the Mr and Mrs Drinking Game

Basically how it works is the bridesmaids come up with a long list of questions, maybe about 30. Try to make them as embarrassing and obscure as possible. The wackier the better so get weird with it.

Then in advance have the groom answer every question and write down his answers. Don’t let the bride see the answers.

Now here’s where the alcohol comes in. Make sure the bride is a little toasty before she begins the questions. If you want to make a spectacle of it film her answering the questions.

Now it’s the bride’s turn to guess what her hubby answered. After each answer the hubby’s answer is revealed. Every time the bride gets it wrong she takes a sip/shot of whatever is prepared for her. Time to put their knowledge of each other to the test!


Although the Mr and Mrs drinking game is great for hen parties it’s also a good game just for the heck of it on any given night. Some people even play it as the “mr and mr” or “mrs and mrs” games in order to just play with their friends. Either way these kind of games can tend to get out of hand so please remember to drink responsibly.