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    How to Host the Perfect Lockdown Games Night (with a twist!)

    The lockdown measures imposed upon large parts of the world throughout spring and early summer of 2020 in response to the global coronavirus pandemic temporarily altered life as we know it for most of the population. Orders were implemented for everyone except key workers and other select groups of people to stay at home for […] More

  • The Hurruudah Drinking Game by

    How to Play Hurruudah – The Mongolian Drinking Game

    Hurruudah is similar to drinking games like Fingers. The goal of the game is to guess how many fingers will be showing total between you and the opponent. This drinking game is a two player game. Since all you really need to play this game is some drinks, it’s easy to play in any social […] More

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    The Ultimate Bocce Ball Drinking Game

    Ever stand around lazily tossing bocce balls and think to yourself “this would be way funner if i was slammered.”? Well we’ve come up with a solution for just such an occasion. Our Bocce Ball drinking game adds some fun and simple drinking rules to bocce to make sure everyone has a good time. What […] More

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    An Amazing UFC Drinking Game

    After another night of downing some beers and watch a couple people wail on eachother we decided it’s about time we create a UFC Drinking Game. This game will work with any UFC match but we suggest trying it out during one of the many PPV live events. How it works is each person picks […] More

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    Bartok Drinking Game Rules

    This drinking game is a little different than your average card game. In that not everyone will be privy to the rules of the game so you’ll kind of have to figure it out as you go along. So if this is your first time playing the Bartok drinking game make sure only a few […] More

  • Waterfall Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

    How to Waterfall Drink

    Multiple card drinking games exist that use the term “Waterfall” for a particular way to drink drinks. Such as Circle of Death or Kings Cup. If you wanted to know how exactly to do this we created a short guide on how to waterfall drink. What You’ll Need For this game everyone doing the Waterfall […] More

  • NekNominate - the chuggernauts

    NekNominate – Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

    In early 2014 a new fad quickly came and went where participants simply chugged a beer and posted it online. Although this game originated in New Zealand it quickly found widespread popularity in the UK and Ireland. Typically a Neknominate video just entailed someone chugging a beer in one go, and then nominating someone else […] More

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    Mao Drinking Card Game

    The object of the Mao card game is for a player to be the first to get rid of all their cards without breaking any unspoken rules. Our drinking version has players drinking for every rule broken. It plays out sort of like Crazy 8s or Uno in that players are dealt a hand and […] More

  • Pub Drinking Games -

    5 Ways to Turn Classic Pub Games Into Drinking Games

    If your town’s pubs are anything like mine, there’s always a few table games kicking around that never really see any action. Stuff like billiards, Foosball, darts, sometimes a lonely Buck Hunter machine. Generally the problem is that everyone is there to drink. So we think we came up with a good solution to this […] More