How To Play The Spanish Drinking Game Los Chunguitos

If you’re the type of person who can’t follow a beat to save their life then you’re going to be doing a lot of drinking during this one. The Los Chunguitos drinking game is a fairly simple drinking game where people singing to the beat that the other players are making. However it gets really easy to mess up and end up drinking for your mistakes.

What You’ll Need To Play

A half decent sense of rhythm and some drinks.

Los Chunguitos Rules

First all the players gather in a circle and decide who will be starting the game. The first player is “Chunguitos number one”, the next clockwise is “Chunguitos number two”, and so on…

Players decide on a Flemenco style beat to clap to. Make sure it’s simple because this will be going on the whole game and anyone who messes up will drink.

Once everyone starts clapping then Chunguitos Number One starts the game by saying “I Am Chunguitos Number One, Calling Chunguitos Number ____” Where the blank is filled in by any number they want that corresponds to a player. This must be said to the beat of the clapping. Then it’s the turn of whoever was called to do the same and pick another player to go next.

Whenever someone is speaking then the player to the left of them must make guitar sounds instead of clapping. The player to the right of them must make drum sounds instead of clapping.

This continues until someone messes up the beat or does the wrong action. They lose and must take a drink. Good news is they get to start next round as Chunguitos Number One!

The Los Chunguitos drinking game is immensely difficult after a few drinks so we suggest playing this one at the start of the night instead of the end of it.