How To Play The Ibble Dibble Drinking Game

Ibble Dibble Rules by

This is one of the more unique drinking games we have in our database. It’s a vocal drinking game that also requires a few household items. Namely a cork and a match. In the Ibble Dibble drinking game each palyer gets a mark on them, and then must try to call the other players without messing up the tongue twister phrase.

What You’ll Need To Play

A standard wine cork, a match or lighter and a good amount of alcohol.

Setting It Up

First assign each player a number to replace their name. Go in order clockwise from the player who will be starting the game. After this the char marker must be made. This is done by lighting one end of the cork on fire and allowing it to burn out. This will be used to make the marking on players forheads whenever they mess up.

How To Play The Ibble Dibble Drinking Game

Play begins with the first player uttering the games catch phrase and calling out another player. It goes something like this:

” This is number 1 ibble-dibble¹ with no dibble-ibbles ² calling number 4
³ with no dibble-ibbles⁴ “

  1. This is the players assigned number.
  2. This is how many mistakes they’ve made so far.
  3. This is the player that the speaking player chooses to call out.
  4. This is how many mistakes the called out player has made.

If they make any mistakes, they must finish their entire drink, put a marking on their forehead(a dibble ibble) and then try again. Whenever someone makes 3 mistakes they are booted from the game.

The ibble dibble drinking game is great because as people begin to slur the game gets much harder. I’d recommend trying out the phrase a few times before the game starts to get the hang of it.