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    The G.O.A.T. Super Bowl LIII Drinking Game

    This years Superbowl features the Patriots (surprise surprise) and the Rams. So we came up with a great Super Bowl 53 drinking game to play at the big game! So whether you’re a Partriots fan or a Rams fan (meh) this drinking game is a great way to make sure the booze is flowing and […] More

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    The Wrapping Presents Drinking Game

    Dreading that long day ahead of you wrapping Christmas presents? Well why not make a game out of it. This wrapping presents drinking game is a surefire way to turn a chore into a fun night. The idea is you just poor yourself your favorite holiday beverage and drink whenever any of the following things […] More

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    The Conventional Wedding Speech Drinking Game

    For those of us who have been to a big number of weddings we all know how the speeches can tend to be pretty typical. “I’ve known X for X years and and here’s X story, But that’s when i knew X was ‘the one’.” So that’s why we decided to come up with a […] More

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    The Cleaning Up Drinking Game

    Are you one of those people who just find life a little easier to manage after a few glasses of wine? Well our Cleaning Drinking Game is a great way to get those chores done while actually enjoying yourself. So whether you’re just cleaning up your house to prep for the change of seasons or […] More

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    Spelling Bee Drinking Game

    This Spelling Bee drinking game works for any kind of national televised spelling bee competition.  Anyone playing this game will take a sip whenever some typical things happen such as contestants protesting the spelling of a word or the use of words you have never heard before. Additionally players can try to opt in and […] More

  • The E3 Drinking Game - the chuggernauts
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    The E3 Drinking Game

    It’s that time of year again so grab some drinks and watch as a plethora of spokesmen and CEO’s pander to their audiences. (And hopefully announce some new interesting titles too). Our E3 drinking game will help maximize the hype or at least drown your sorrows if the title you were hoping for wasn’t announced. […] More

  • Visiting Las Vegas Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

    Visiting Las Vegas Drinking Game

    This Visiting Las Vegas drinking game is a excuse to get drunk in Las Vegas. Although you probably didn’t need the excuse anyway. Walking around The Strip or the Freemont area is probably the best way to play this game since you can walk around with beers in hand and see a lot of the […] More

  • The Shark Week Drinking Game -
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    The Shark Week Drinking Game

    Our Shark Week drinking game covers the week or so that the Discovery Network airs strictly shark themed television shows. This drinking game is designed to work with any of those shows during that week span. It seems they pick when shark week is whenever they feel like it, but if you want to know […] More

  • The Acceptance Speech Drinking Game

    The Acceptance Speech Drinking Game

    We’ve designed this drinking game to work with any typical ho-hum acceptance speech. Typically these are found in abundance at award shows like the Academy Awards or the Grammy’s. Usually what happens is some actor comes up to accept their trophy and pat themselves on the back, thanking god, their mother, and all the people […] More

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