How To Play What Are The Odds

The vocal game “What Are The Odds” is akin to truth or dare with only the daring part. To summarize it what happens is one person proposes a dare then both players guess a number. If they match they the one who was dared is S.O.L. and is stuck doing the task. Be warned, this game is only for those who are fully committed to having a good time. No point in playing if you’re just going to back down from every dare regardless.

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What You’ll Need To Play

Much like many other vocal games all this one requires is some quick thinking and creativity. A few drinks handy might be useful to grease the wheels.

What Are The Odds Rules

This is a dare game where one person comes up with a dare and the other only has to do it if they guess the wrong number.

Whoever has played this game the most in their lives gets to start the game.

The starting person now comes up with a dare to prompt one of the other players. This can be absolutely anything so go crazy with it. Keep in mind the harder the dare is the less likely it is of happening so you’re going to want to balance difficulty with likelihood.

The darer chooses someone to do the dare and then gives them the odds. For example “The odds are 1 in 20 that Jim will jump in the pool with his clothes on”.

Now at the count of 3 both the darer and daree say a number within that range. If their numbers match the daree must do the task. (Remember, use a wider range of number for harder tasks like ‘1 in 50’)

From here play rotates and everyone takes turns coming up with dares and challenging other players until someone matches a number and has to do it.

Having trouble coming up with ‘What Are The Odds’ dares?

Follow this link to find a list of good dare options of various difficulties.

Drinking Rules

If someone ever refuses a dare and doesn’t even want to attempt the number guess they need to take a knee and finish a full drink. They can only resume playing the game when this is done.

What Are The Odds is a hilarious party game for those of us that are wild in nature, always a good time! This is one of those games that becomes a great idea later on in the night when everyone is already acquainted and looking for some chaos.