The Work Christmas Party Drinking Game

Nothing spells fun more than forcing a group of people who can barely tolerate each other to pretend they can get along in a social setting. Thankfully this Work Christmas Party drinking game is here to add a bit of rambunctious fun until you can think of an excuse to leave early.

The way this game works is you simply mingle about your next stuffy work party and drink whenever any of these handy drinking rules come up.

What You’ll Need To Play

First thing you’re going to want to do is pick some of your favorite co-workers to be in on the game with you. This is crucial. Next all you’ll need is a steady flow of alcohol (something that’s usually found in abundance at work parties). Then just follow along with these simple drinking rules and drink whenever they come up. Just try not to make a fool of yourself because you’re probably going to have to face these people in the morning.

Work Christmas Party Drinking Game Rules

Take A Single Sip Whenever…

  • You overhear anyone being wished a Merry Christmas
  • Someone tries to tell a “fun” story about their day at work
  • Anyone pronounces someone’s name wrong

Take A Big Gulp Whenever…

  • Any talk of promotions or other work-related topics is brought up
  • People actually start dancing
  • You notice a co-worker getting way too drunk for a work party
    • (Drink double if it’s you)

Finish What’s Left Of Your Drink Whenever…

  • People start singing to Christmas songs
  • You’re royally disappointed with the gift exchange
  • Someone takes their tie off
Work Christmas Party Drinking Game from

This Work Christmas Party Drinking Game will help turn that next work party into something you look forward to every year. Let the chuggernauts help you bring holiday cheer and great fun to your party! No matter what drinking game you decide to play please always remember to drink responsibly and never drink and drive.