Putting Up The Christmas Tree Drinking Game

The Christmas season is in full gear and it’s that time of the year again, time to put up the Christmas tree. The Chuggernauts got you this year and will add a whole new level of excitement while putting up your tree by playing Decorating the Christmas Tree Drinking Game.

Pour the hot coco and something extra to the mix like Baileys and lets start to decorate for the holiday season. The Decorating the Christmas Tree Drinking Game can be play solo or with family or friends. This drinking game is for casual light night of drinking, it will put you in just the right mood for putting up your Christmas Tree.

What You’ll Need To Play

To play the Putting Up The Christmas Tree Drinking Game you’ll need just a few things. First off and most importantly you will need a Christmas tree. Next, choose a wide variety of decorations to put up on the tree. The last thing you need is a few beverages of your choice. If you want to get into the real spirit of Christmas, I recommend trying a cocktail from our 5 Best Christmas Cocktails For The Holiday Season.

Putting Up The Christmas Tree Drinking Game Rules

Drink 1 Whenever…

  • You catch yourself reminiscing about an old Christmas ornament
  • Someone drops an ornament
  • A light is burnt out on the tree

Drink 2 Whenever…

  • Beads get tangled up
  • You start singing to Christmas music
  • Anyone loses the hooks for the decorations
  • You look at Pinterest for ideas while decorating

Finish Your Drink Whenever

  • A Christmas tree falls over
  • A Christmas ornament breaks
  • You completely empty a container of ornaments

Well the decorating is now complete for another season. You are most likely in good holiday cheer after enjoying the Decorating the Christmas Tree Drinking Game and your tree gleaming with joy. If you enjoyed playing this Christmas drinking game, you may also like the Christmas Dinner Drinking Game. Please remember to drink responsibly this holiday season.