The Christmas Concert Drinking Game

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The Christmas concert season is in full swing, whether its your kids Christmas concert, church Christmas play, or even a band concert the time has come there all about to begin. Why not have some fun at this years Christmas concerts and play The Christmas Concert Drinking Game while enjoying the show.

This game I especially love it because I get to feel sneaky by sneaking in a flask and enjoying a beverage, while watching the Christmas show. This gives you a chance to liven up the “Must DO” activities this holiday season

What You’ll Need To Play

Lucky for you, not much is needed to play The Christmas Concert Drinking Game. All you need to do is find yourself some type of Christmas concert to attend, then grab some friends and drinks of your choice to sneak in. I recommend trying to sit close to whoever is in on the game, that way you can all have a good laugh. Once your all set up, sit back, relax and get ready for some holiday drinking fun this year.

The Christmas Concert Drinking Game Rules

Drink 1 Sip Whenever…

  • A child cries in the audience
  • For every song sung during the performance
  • A kid on stage waves to someone in the audience

Drink 2 sips Whenever…

  • There is a scene change
  • The Crowd applause’s
  • The crowd starts singing along to songs

Finish Your Drink Whenever…

  • Someone in the concert forgets their lines
  • Someone falls or trips during the performance
  • There is a technical difficulty during the concert

This drinking game should leave you enjoying the choir much more then when you started. If you enjoyed this drinking game you should check out more like the Christmas Shopping Drinking Game for more holiday fun. Remember to always find a safe ride home, don’t drink and drive