A Fun Airplane Drinking Game To Help Pass The Time

An In-Flight Drinking Game by

Looking to pass the time on a long flight? Or maybe you’re just a functioning alcoholic. Either way we don’t judge. We’ve created this Airplane drinking game for just such an occasion.

We all know the feeling of a long drawn out flight that never seems to end. The uncomfortable seats, the snoring neighbors, the crying children. Hopefully this game can make things a little easier. This game works by observing the people around you and drinking whenever certain common things happen.

What You’ll Need To Play

For this game you’ll need a few drinks on a long flight. This usually requires you ordering drinks whenever a flight attendant walks by so you might want to get a couple at a time in case they don’t come around for a while. Then just read these simple drinking rules and drink accordingly whenever they come up.

Airplane Drinking Game Rules

One Drink

  • anytime a flight attendant says put your tray table and set up
  • every time you have to get up to let someone in or out of their set
  • every time flight attendant comes through the cabin asking for garbage
  • Someone hassles a flight attendant over something that’s clearly not their fault
  • someone bumps into you
  • every time you check your phone to see how much longer until you reach your destination

Two Drinks

  • Someone takes an armrest that you’re pretty sure is rightfully yours
  • The seatbelt sign turns on
  • A kid starts crying
  • The flight attendants go over the safety procedures

Bonus Rule

  • Chug for as long as the plane is going through turbulence. (This one might get a little messy).

Finish your drink if you were assigned the middle seat. You poor poor soul.

If everything goes to plan, than you should arrive at your destination half in-the-bag. Hopefully that helps offset some of the jet-lag. However you should always exercise caution and drink responsibly. Take a break if you need one. After all, drinks on a flight can get pretty expensive.