How to Play the Gingerbread House Drinking Game!

The Gingerbread House Drinking Game by

It is the most wonderful time of the year, so of course you are going to do a festive activities like building a ginger bread house. This year why not spice things up a bit and build a gingerbread house while playing our gingerbread House Drinking Game? All you need is to gather a few friends, grab some drinks, candy, and a gingerbread house building kit, then get ready for a night of holiday fun.

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, everyone loves to build gingerbread houses around the holiday season. No one can resist sneaking a piece of candy or two during the building process. The Gingerbread House Drinking Game is friendly for first time builders or those who have years of experience taking part in this tradition. Plan on getting lightly tipsy and in a good spirit once the house is complete.

What You’ll Need

-Grab a fun group of friends who you want to spend some time with this holiday season.
-Gingerbread house building kit from a store near you
-Various candy of your choice
-Baking sheet for a base for the gingerbread house
-Your favorite Christmas music
-Alcoholic beverages (recommend looking at our Top 5 Christmas Cocktails)

Gingerbread House Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip When

-You eat a piece of candy
-You swear
-You starts singing along to Christmas music
-A piece of candy falls down
-You lick icing

Finish Drink When

-The gingerbread house falls down
-You Accidentally eat a whole wall of the gingerbread house
-You didn’t wash your hands before building the gingerbread house

After finishing the Gingerbread House Drinking Game, will you eat the gingerbread house or leave it on display? I know what i would do. Please drink responsibly. Know your legal limits, don’t drink and drive this holiday season.