How To Play The Starbucks Drinking Game

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Starbucks happens to be one of the most famous coffee shops around. Starbucks was born in Seattle, USA in 1971. Now they are a world wide company with over 30,000 stores. They have every drink or snack under the sun just waiting for you and the best thing about it is, you can custom order any part of your drink.

Sitting in Starbucks and people watching is a past time that many of us enjoy. Why not order yourself a Starbucks drink and splash a little something special in there. Now sit back, start people watching and play The Starbucks Drinking Game and you got yourself one heck of a Starbucks date.

What You’ll Need To Play

To play the Starbucks drinking Game you won’t need much. First choose one of their tasty drinks off the menu. I recommend trying to go with something that mixes well with alcohol. Second add the alcohol into the drink. Final a chair or seating arrangement area to sit. Try sitting somewhere with a good view so you can catch all the action.

The Starbucks Drinking Game Rules

Have One Sip of Your Drink Whenever…

  • A barista doesn’t tell a customer to have a good day
  • You hear someone say pumpkin spice
  • Each time someone got your name wrong on an item you ordered
  • For how ever many laptop devices people are working on

Have Two Sips of Your Drink Whenever…

  • You hear a barista yell “mobile order”
  • Someone says soy
  • Someone passes you buy waiting for a table

Finish The Rest of Your Drink Whenever…

  • An angry customer complains about their order to a barista
  • Someone sips there drink

Well your time at Starbucks is done for now, but you’ll be back, and maybe with a friendly add on again next time too. If enjoyed playing this game you may also like, The Christmas Shopping Drinking Game. Remember to be responsible this season and don’t drink and drive