Christmas Eve Mass Drinking Game

The Christmas Mass Drinking Game by

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas. Now with that comes loves by some and dreaded by others, Christmas Eve Mass. This year as you quietly sit listening to the great choir sing, why not have some fun and play the Christmas Eve Mass Drinking Game.

It’s easy, you can play the Christmas Eve Mas Drinking Game alone or have a few people in on the game too. Less is more for this game because you don’t want to draw attention to your group of drinkers during Christmas Mass. I like how there is a sneaky level added to this game, which adds more excitement to your traditional Christmas activity.

What You’ll Need To Play

Grab your best church flask and fill it up with a beverage of choice. When you get the church, gather a few cousins, church friends or family who want in on some fun. Before you get started make sure that everyone who is in on the game are sitting fairly close to each other, that way everyone can share some laughs.

Christmas Eve Mass Drinking Game Rules

Have One Sip Whenever…

  • A song is sung
  • Everyone stands up
  • Everyone sits down
  • Someone says amen

Have Two Sips Whenever…

  • Everyone kneels
  • You go to check your phone
  • It is communion time

Finish Your Drink Whenever…

  • Someone in the crowd falls asleep
  • Someone farts or burps during church
  • The sermon goes over 15 mins
  • If your church has kids that do a Christmas play, songs presented

The Christmas Eve Mass Drinking Game should leave you Merrier than when you entered the Church. If you’ve enjoyed adding some extra holiday fun to your Christmas activity, you should also check out The Work Party Christmas Drinking Game. After a few good laughs and drinks later please remember to drink responsibly this holiday season