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The Ultimate Super Bowl 54 Drinking Game

Super Bowl 54 Drinking Game By

Time to pick sides and bet your liver on the winner of this years Vince Lombardi trophy. Whether you’re gunning for the Chiefs or the 49ers, our Super Bowl 54 drinking game will make sure the drinks are flowing all the way through the game (not that you needed any help with that).

What You Need To Know

This years drinking game rules come in 3 categories. General drinks (everyone drinks when these come up), Scoring (your team loses, you drink) and the Half Time drink off! So everyone pick a side and get ready for a good time.

Super Bowl 54 Drinking Game Rules!

General Drinking Rules (take a sip whenever any of the following happens)

  • Kansas City’s super bowl appearance drought is mentioned
  • There’s any mention of last years comically low scoring super bowl championship
  • A tweet is shown or mentioned on screen
  • There’s a closeup of a famous person in the crowd
  • Mahomes age is brought up
  • There’s a stat comparison on screen

Scoring Drinking Rules

  • Take 1 sip for every point scored on your team.
  • If you’re QB gets tackled, that’s a drink.
  • If you’re team throws an interception, drink 5 times.
  • If you’re team misses a field goal finish what’s left of your drink.
  • After each quarter finish your drink if your team is trailing

Half Time Drink Off!

In order to pass the time during this years overproduced musical number by Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, we’ve prepared a half time drinking game.

Separate everyone into two equal teams. Both teams should face each other in a straight line standing up with a full unopened beer in hand. If anyone doesn’t want to participate they can be the Ref and make sure the rules are followed.

At the count of 3 the first person on each team starts chugging their drink. Once finished they must take a knee, then of the next player on their team can start chugging their own drink. This continues until one team has finish all their drinks and the whole team is taking a knee.

First team to have everyone finish their drinks wins!

Our super bowl drinking 54 drinking game is all in good fun, so make sure not to overdo it and take a break if you need one. After all you’ll probably want to remember the game.