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10 Awesome Power Hour Videos to Watch in 2021

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What better way to kick back and enjoy a few drinks than watching an hour of hilarious clips? Power Hour videos are a great way to hang out, either together or virtually through video sharing services.

YouTube is littered with hundreds of “power hours”, so it can be a little tricky to choose which one to start with. That’s why we put together our 10 favorite ones going into 2021.

What is a Power Hour?

A power hour is a drinking challenge where each participant takes a shot of beer or light alcohol each minute for 60 minutes. Typically this is done while watching a 60 minute video with breaks each minute. There’s also a few other variants like “centurion club” which is 100 shots in 100 minutes, and “21 for 21” which is 21 shots in 21 minutes that’s usually done to celebrate a 21st birthday.

How Much Alcohol is Consumed in a Power Hour?

Assuming participants are taking exactly one shot every time for the full minute, that equates to 60 shots of beer (roughly 5 beers over an hour). This can vary however, as most shot glasses are either 1.5 or 2 shots. With that much alcohol consumption in a short period of time, it can be important to take breaks or tap out if you don’t think you can complete the challenge. Always drink responsibly.

Best Power Hour Videos to Play in 2021

60 Hilariously Bad Movie Scenes

This power hour takes some of the worst scenes in cinema history and puts them all together with a neat little bow. From cult classics like “The Room” to more main stream flops like Spider Man 3.

Reverly 90s Power Hour

This one’s for all the nostalgic 90s kids out there. Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg, and much much more. This one will have you longing for a simpler time.

Venaccio’s Power Hour Collection on Odyssey

With over 20 unique power hours filled with hand-picked EDM jams, there’s bound to be something you’ll love in this collection.

Click Here to View the Collection

Nicholas Cage Freakouts Power Hour

Watch Nic Cage in all his glory during this power hour. A full hour of over acting and jarring freakouts are sure to keep you entertained.

90s Action Power Hour

This one’s great if you just wanna turn your brain off and watch stuff explode for an hour. Which let’s face it, sounds great. From action one liners to iconic speeches, this one is entertaining until the bitter end.

Movie Power

Looking for something a little more generic? This one splices iconic movie clips for a full hour. Nothing but the best from classic movies from the 80s, 90s and more.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Power Hour

This one’s preeeetty good… pretty pretty pretty good. If you’re a fan of larry david’s antics and constant miscommunications then this is the Power Hour for you.

Video Game Power Hour II

A great one for the video gamers out there. Iconic clips and cut-scenes from classics like Final Fantasy and Grand Theft Auto.

Reverly Early 2000s Power Hour

From the same channel that brought the above 90s video, is the early 2000s collection. This one’s for all the millennials out there looking to relive their youth.

Viral Video Power Hour II

This one compiles some of the most hilarious clips on the internet over the past few decades. Some real gems in here that will keep you laughing.

That about wraps up our list of the best power hours. If you didn’t see anything that held your interest, check out our YouTube channel where we’ll update more.