The Super Metroid Drinking Game Rules

The Super Metroid Drinking Game

Although this game was made for Super Metroid (the best one, fight me) it should work just fine with basically any of the games in the franchise. It punishes players for making mistakes like wasting missiles and there’s also some celebratory drinking for key moments like defeating bosses or finding energy tanks.

What You’ll Need For This Game

For this game all you’ll need is a copy of Super Metroid. It’s single player so if you have multiple people it might be best to take turns. Then you just need a beer or drink of choice. If you don’t have Super Metroid handy this game will work just as well with any other Metroid game including the ones in the prime series.

Super Metroid Drinking Game Rules

Drink once whenever..

  • You miss with a missile
  • You come across a save station
  • You enter an area that damages because you’re wearing the wrong suit
  • You have to check the map because you don’t know where to go

Drink twice whenever..

  • You miss with a power missile
  • You find a missile capacity upgrade
  • You find an energy tank!
  • You engage into a super run
  • You empty out an energy tank

Drink 3 times whenever..

  • You unlock a new weapon, armor or upgrade
  • You defeat a boss
  • You get leeched by a Metroid (This will be more frequent nearing the end of the games)

Drink 5 times whenever..

  • You defeat Ridley, Kraid or Mother Brain

Finish your drink whenever..

  • You die


Our Super Metroid drinking game entails quite a bit of drinking especially if you plan on playing through a lot of the game so make sure to take a break if you feel yourself getting too drunk too quickly. Please drink responsibly. If you’re looking for more great drinking games for SNES we suggest taking a look at our Super Mario World drinking game!