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  • Dead by Daylight Drinking Game by

    A Spooky Dead by Daylight Drinking Game

    There’s nothing quite like plotting the murder of your friends over an ice cold beer. That’s why we came up with a fun Dead by Daylight drinking game! This game includes two sets of rules; one for the killer and the other for the survivors. Dead by Daylight is a game where one player acts […] More

  • Terraria Drinking Game by

    How to Play the Terraria Drinking Game

    Looking for a way to ad a bit of booze into your next 2d mining session? This Terraria Drinking Game ads a bunch of fun drinking rules to spice things up. The way it works, is that you just play a game of terraria as normal. Either solo or with friends, and then drink whenever […] More

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    Knockout City Drinking Game Rules

    This Knockout City drinking game takes virtual dodge ball to the next level. This game adds some fun drinking rules for when you mess up and let down your teammates. We suggest trying out our Knockout City drinking game in unranked games or in private lobbies, as to not upset your team mates with deteriorating […] More

  • Phasmophobia Drinking Game by

    A Spooky Phasmophobia Drinking Game!

    This Phasmophobia drinking game adds some fun drinking rules to you next ghost hunting adventure. This game works with anywhere from 1 to four players. In Phasmophobia, a team of up to four people enters a creepy house looking for ghosts. Even though this game was made with VR in mind, it works perfectly well […] More

  • Animal Crossing new horizons Drinking Game Rules by

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons Drinking Game

    This Animal Crossing drinking game is for the latest installment on the Nintendo Switch; New Horizons. This game is perfect for anyone trying to pass the time in self isolation, or anyone who just wants an excuse to get tipsy and catch bugs. (not that you needed one). New Horizons takes the series in a […] More

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    No Man’s Sky Drinking Game

    If you’re ever in the mood to drink some beers and drift through space, then our No Man’s Sky drinking game is the way to go. Play solo or with friends. Grab some drinks and just go about your space exploring business and drink whenever any of these handy drinking rules come up. For anyone […] More

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    How To Play The Sims 4 Drinking Game

    If you’re the type of person who likes to pour themselves a glass or two and manage the lives of your virtual family, then we have the game for you! The way this The Sims 4 drinking game works is that you just play the game and drink whenever one of these handy drinking rules […] More

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