The Pokemon Drinking Game – 4 unique drinking board games

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The Original Pokemon Drinking Game

For those that never cared for the Pokemon series or maybe are too old to get the wave of nostalgia that comes with the mention of Pokemon, maybe this game isn’t for you. But for everyone else there’s the Pokemon Drinking game!

Pokemon Drinking Game - The Chuggernauts

At it’s core it’s simple. Roll dice and move around a board until you reach the end. Whenever you land on a space it will tell you what to do, usually involving a few drinks.

Be warned. Depending on your luck this game may require you to chug multiple beers if you hit the wrong spaces. So this game is better off to start out the night then end it.



The Second Pokemon Drinking Game – Gold/Silver Edition

The Pokemon Drinking Game Gold/Silver Edition is a followup to the first Pokemon Drinking Game. It tackles the second generation of Pokemon games.

This version is a slight edit of the most recent version we found that removes a few broken spaces like the one that requires you to tell a story in the area that you’re not allowed to speak in.

This version follows the same formula as the first game. Roll the dice, beat the gyms, race to be the Pokemon Master.

Pokemon Drinking Game v2 - The Chuggernauts


The Pokemon Drinking Game Gold/Silver edition does still contain some of the original 150 Pokemon. So for those that only knew the originals there will still be some familiar faces.



The Third Pokemon Drinking Game – Hoenn Edition

This version comes with a small twist that doesn’t exist in the other games. Throughout the game players might end up on different teams which will cause their whole team to share drinks whenever they get them. I’d recommend having at least 4 players in this game to make the team aspect a little more fun.

We touched up the rules a bit from the original version to ensure more players would end up on teams by the end of the game.

The Third Pokemon Drinking Game is a blast. It pits players against each other in a way that wasn’t really possible in the previous editions.


The Fourth Pokemon Drinking Game – Diamond Pearl Edition

Unlike the first three version this version is created entirely by the Chuggernauts. The fourth version focuses more on moving the opposing players around so it feels more like a tight race all the way through.

This edition revolves around the fourth set of games in the Pokemon universe. Rules are the same as every previous version.


The Pokemon Drinking Game Version 4 -


This version is best played with 3+ players since it involves moving the player in first and last place fairly often.

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We hope you enjoyed the Pokemon Drinking Game series. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us via our “Contact Us” page. Cheers!