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The Super Mario Drinking Game – An Original Drinking Board Game

Mario Drinking Game -

What is it?

The Super Mario Drinking Game is a drinking board game much in the style of the Pokemon Drinking Game. The objective of the game is to circle the board until you get to the middle. First player there is the winner. Players get to pick between 4 characters; Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad who each have their own special ability. The game works best if you print it out but can work just fine by using the game board online and remembering which space you’re on.

How to Play

Players start by choosing their character. Then choose a game piece and place it on the start square. The game piece can be anything at all that fits on the game board. Choose a player to start the game. Turn order is clockwise. On their turn a player rolls the die then moves that many spaces and does what the space says. Make sure to follow the arrows. (Spaces are also numbered if you’re not sure which way you’re going.) Players must stop on golden boss spaces, ending their roll. If a player has already beaten a golden space however, they can roll through it next time.

If you enter star world don’t panic! No more rolling for movement just do what the space says until you’re back on the game board. If anyone rolls a 6 for their movement, instead of moving they must use their character ability. First player to reach the middle wins the game.


The Board

(Click to access larger version)

Super Mario Drinking Game -

Make sure to select “fit to page” if printing. If you’re having a hard time reading any of the rules they’re all available here. An extra large version of the game can also be found here.

We also created a simple bare bones black and white version, with attached rulebook for anyone who doesn’t want to use up all their color ink.

Big thanks for creation of the Super Mario Drinking Game goes to the Mariowiki where we got most of our sprites, and the original Pokemon Drinking Game creators for the inspiration. As always please make sure to drink responsibly!