The Mario Kart Drinking Game

Mario Kart Drinking Game -

This Mario Kart drinking game is simple and has players drinking for which items they get hit by, as well as their finishing position. If you’re looking for a different style of mario kart drinking game check out Mario Kart Drunk Driving.

This game works with any game in the Mario Kart franchise. Some of the items mentioned only exist in the newer games though like Blooper and Bullet Bill.


Any game within the Mario Kart franchise and drinks.


Players will be drinking for each item they are hit by. Drinks vary depending what they get hit by. Players also will drink according to their position at the end of each race.

Mario Kart Drinking Game Rules

Drink accordingly if you’re hit by any of the following items

  • Banana peel – 1 drink
  • Red Shell – 1 drink
  • Blooper – 1 drink
  • Hit by a mushroom boost – 1 drink
  • Green shell – 2 drinks
  • Star – 2 drinks
  • Bullet Bill – 2 drinks
  • Lightning – 2 drinks
    • Drink an extra 2 if you’re squashed
  • Fake item box – 3 drinks
  • Blue Shell – 3 drinks
  • Bob-Omb – 3 drinks

You must stop and take these drinks immediately before continuing the race.

If you fall off of the race track you must chug until you are back on the stage.

At the end of the race players must drink equal to their placement. For example first place would take 1 drink and 8th place would take 8.

Optional Rule – Full Circuit

If players want to prolong the game they can do a full circuit race. At the end of the circuit the player in last place (not including CPUs) must finish their drink.


Our Mario Kart drinking game is fairly simple and easy to follow. It can get pretty crazy when certain items combo together causing people to stop and drink multiple times before they can continue the race. As always remember to drink responsibly, no game is worth risking your physical health.