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Pokemon Go Drinking Game

Let’s start this off with saying that we at The Chuggernauts don’t condone drinking in public areas where you’re not supposed to. That being said we came up with a Pokemon Go drinking game! This game involves players drinking for certain occurrences in the game like raids or Pokemon popping up. It’s meant to be played with multiple players and whenever someone needs to take a drink they text one of the other players how much they should be drinking.

What You’ll Need

The free pokemon go app and some drinks. There’s not too much of a benefit to being a higher level so even if you aren’t an avid player you can load up a new account and join in.


The idea of this game is that players will need to first separate a bit so they can head in different directions. Doesn’t need to be too far ahead but as long as everyone isn’t in one big group. Then just follow the simple drinking rules. There will be drinks taken for failing with pokeballs or ratatas spawning, and you’ll be able to give drinks for catching pokemon or getting good items at pokestops. Most of the rules don’t have to do with things like raids or gym battles so it should be more-or-less fair for lower level players.

Pokemon Go Drinking Game Rules

Once everyone is ready and far enough apart the game is ready to begin. If you’re unable to drink outside while playing the game just keep a running tally and every half hour or so head inside to drink what you owe.

Taking Drinks

Take a sip of your drink if…

  • You miss with a pokeball
  • A pokemon breaks out of one of your pokeballs.
  • You spin a pokestop and only get potions or revives.
  • A ratata spawns near you.

Take a huge chug of your drink if…

  • A pokemon runs away
  • You miss with a great ball or ultraball

Giving Out Drinks

Whenever you are able to give out drinks you must text the player you’re giving a drink to. Just message them with the number of drinks and why.

If you catch a pokemon…

  • 1st stage – Give 1 drink
  • 2nd stage – Give 2 drinks
  • 3rd stage – Give 3 drinks

You Hatch An Egg…

  • 2km – Give 1 drink
  • 5km – Give 2 drinks
  • 7km – Give 3 drinks
  • 10km – Give 5 drinks

You Collect…

  • A Pineap Berry – Give 1 drink
  • An Egg – Give 2 drinks
  • An Evolution Item – Give out 5 drinks

If you catch a shiny Pokemon or special event Pokemon like a Pikachu with a hat, assign someone else to chug back their whole drink.

Our Pokemon Go drinking game doesn’t really have an ending point so just play until you feel like you’ve had enough. Or if you’re doing your drinking indoors you can set a time limit for everyone to head back inside and cash in their tally.