Super Smashed Bros

Smash Bros Drinking Game -

This Super Smash Bros drinking game is for anyone looking to have some family friendly competition while getting good and drunk. Players compete to see who wins each match and drink if it’s not them. To even things out a little the winner of each round will be handicapped for the next round.


Super Smashed Bros Drinking Game


A copy of super smash bros for any system and drinks


This game is an easy way to get drunk and find out how good your friends are at super smash bros

Set Up:

Go into Versus Mode. Make sure the game is set to stock mode instead of time with a stock count of 2. Ensure in the rules that Handicap is enabled (this handicaps the winner of each round by making sure they start with a certain percentage next round). Feel free to edit the item spawn rates to whatever you feel like.


If there’s any extra player slots fill them with computers of any difficulty, if it’s the Wii U version of smash bros you can even go into 8 player mode to fill more computer slots. Once the game starts players play as drink 1 for every time they lose a stock. At the end of the round each player drinks equal to his placement. So 3rd place would drink 3, second would drink 2 etc… In every subsequent round the previous winner of the round has to play as a random character and the loser of the round gets to pick the next stage.


This game is a great way to enjoy this mash-up fighter with some friends and a few drinks. It’s not a whole lot of drinking so it’s easy to play multiple games and get carried away. Plus having rules that handicap the first player makes sure that that douche who’s always the best at smash doesn’t win every round again.