Super Mario World Drinking Game

Super Mario World Drinking Game -

Our Super Mario World drinking game works best with two or more player. The game itself only supports two players but if more want to join in they can just pass the controller around after each death and level-completion.

What You’ll Need

For this game all you need is Super Mario World and some drinks, doesn’t really matter if it’s on a genuine SNES or just a ROM. A second controller would be nice but one should work just fine.

Super Mario World Drinking Game Rules

  • Every time you get hit, drink once
  • Whenever you lose yoshi, drink once for being hit, then drink again if you don’t manage to get back on him. If it’s a colored yoshi you’re losing, double these drinks.
  • If you neglect to feed a baby yoshi or make it grow into an adult, drink 3 times.
  • If you lose a life, drink 3 times and pass the controller to someone more capable.
  • If you complete a level, give out a drink. Give out an extra drink if you managed to hit the Goal Bar
  • If you gain a life in any way, give out a drink.
  • If you get on a colored yoshi, give out 3 drinks.

Bonus Rule : Super Mario World Expert

If players want they can include this bonus rule in the drinking game. If at any point someone misses a secret, one of the players who’s not playing can call it out. The player that missed it has to take a sip. This rule is great for those of us who have played the game a million times over and have memorized the location of every 1up and secret passage.


Our Super Mario World Drinking game is pretty easy to play and follow along with. As easy as this game can be at times, as you advance in worlds you’ll also be drinking more so it’ll get difficult before you know it.