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Mario Kart Drunk Driving

Warpzone's Mario Kart Drunk Driving


Mario Kart Drunk Driving is fully credited to The Warpzone’s Youtube series “Drinking Games for Gamers”. This game combines drinking and driving in a way that won’t get you arrested. Mario Kart Drunk Driving has come up a number of times in my life, since everyone I’ve tried playing it with has suggested it again at some point or another. But be careful this game requires you to drink 1 beer for every race. So it won’t take too many races for you to be passed the legal limit.


This game is played with any copy of Mario Kart. Choosing a version is just personal preference. The goal is to finish your beer before you’ve finished the race.


Any course in Mario Kart is picked, then players each must have a full beer at hand. Once the race starts each player must open their beer and can not put it down until it’s finished.  Be careful, you are not allowed to cross the finish line while you still have a beer to finish. The loser of the race also has to drink a shot of hard alcohol.

This game is fun purely for how wacky it becomes.  You start to notice how every has different strategies to be able to drink and play at the same time. It may be easier to slowly drink it and focus on driving or maybe it would be easier to put your controller down entirely and finish your beer before you start. Either way you go this game will get you drunk in a hurry if you play multiple rounds.


On it’s own this game isn’t anything more than a quick beer chug and maybe a penalty shot of hard alcohol. But generally people aren’t satisfied with a single round so be prepared for a lot of drinking in a short amount of time.