The Ultimate Mario Party Drinking Game

This Mario Party drinking game should work just fine with any Mario Party game for any Nintendo system. This game series makes for the perfect drinking games because they all basically follow the same formula. Get coins, win mini-games and get the most stars. So we decided to add some drinking rules to spice things up.


Any Mario Party game and drinks


Players will drink a certain amount whenever they have bad events happen to them or lose mini games. Players also give out drinks when they gain stars and finish their drinks when they land on the dreaded Bowser space or lose a one-on-one duel.


Mario Party Drinking Game Rules

  • Drink once whenever you land on a red space
  • Give out a drink whenever you land on a happening space
  • Take a drink if Boo steals your coins, finish your drink if he takes a star.
  • Give out 3 drinks if you gain a star (Keep in mind this counts for the bonus stars at the end of the game)
  • Take 3 drinks if you lose a star
  • Take 3 drinks if you land on a Bowser space
  • Finish your drink if a Bowser space causes you to lose a star

Mini-game Drinking Rules

Free For All (1v1v1v1)

In a free for all game players must drink equal to their placement at the end of the match. 1st place drinks once, 2nd place drinks twice, etc.


In these modes the losing team must drink 6 times. This means if the team of 1 loses that player must drink 6 by themselves. If the 3 person team loses they must drink a total of 6 and can chose how to split it up among themselves.


At the start of ever 2v2 mini-game both teams must decide on the number of drinks the losing team must take. At the end whichever team lost must split those drinks however they choose.

Duel (1v1)

The player that loses the duel must finish whatever is left of their drink. Stakes are pretty high so don’t mess up!



The Mario Party drinking game can lead to some serious drinking so make sure to take a break if you need one. The real penalties come from the duels or the Bowser spaces. If you really want to ramp up the drinking consider playing on one of the Bowser stages that are plentiful with Bowser spaces.