Peppa Pig Drinking Game

Peppa Pig Drinking Game -

Our Peppa Pig Drinking Game has players drinking to the British children’s cartoon Peppa Pig. Some might say it’s a bit odd to play a drinking game to a children’s program. And well, those people would be right. But we’re not here to judge you.

Peppa Pig follows Peppa on her various boring adventures that usually end in her learning some kind of lesson then falling down and laughing for some reason. As far as kid’s shows go this is one of the more wholesome ones out there. Not a whole lot of racy themes or controversial characters, just good old fashioned family values. The episodes aren’t very long so it’s easy to get through a few of them. So let’s grab a few drinks and learn what friendship is all about.


Peppa Pig and drinks


Players will drink for all the many repeated tropes in the show. Additionally players must chug as long as Peppa Pig is singing a song.

Peppa Pig Drinking Game Rules:

Drink One Everytime

  • Peppa asks a question
  • George mentions dinosaurs
    • Drink twice if he says “rawr”
  • Polly repeats something
  • Everyone on screen laughs
    • Drink twice if they all fall down as well
  • Peppa is mean to George
  • Chocolate cake is mentioned
  • Ms Rabbit makes an appearance and has a new job
  • Suzy Sheep and Peppa argue
  • George cries
  • Daddy Pig claims to be an expert in something
    • Drink twice if he actually is
  • Grandpa Pig mentions sailing or is on a boat
  • You spot Teddy or Mr.Dinosaur

Chug for as long as

  • Peppa Pig is singing


Our Peppa Pig Drinking Game is pretty simple. Pretty much all these rules come up every episode. The one that comes up the most is the laughing because apparently everything any of the characters say is hilarious, even when it’s just a statement of fact. The songs actually don’t come up very often or last very long so there’s not much to worry about there.