BoJack Horseman Drinking Game

BoJack Horseman Drinking Game -

The BoJack Horseman Drinking Game has players drinking to the cartoon Bojack Horseman. This show follows BoJacks constant midlife crisis while he tries to reconcile his slow decline into madness after his popularity in a sitcom has come to an end. This is one of the more somber and depressing shows on TV right now but if you’re into dark humor than this is a must-watch.

This show makes for a great drinking game because each character has their own personal tropes to drink along to. Bojack is always depressing, Todd is always dumb and Vincent Adultman is always doing totally adult activities.



The show Bojack Horseman and drinks


Players drink for all the very depressing moments in this show. As well as finishing their drink whenever young bojack makes an appearance, which is usually in a scene of him being abused in some way.


BoJack Horseman Drinking Game Rules:

Drink once whenever:

  • Someone says something depressing
  • Todd says or does something stupid
  • Vincent Adultman does something that totally makes him an adult and not two kids stacked on top of each other.
  • Diane mentions something about social justice or some type of cause she’s rallying for
  • There’s a clip from a TV show within the show.
    • Drink again if that sitcom is Horsin’ Around
  • There’s a flashback

Finish your drink when

  • You see young bojack


The Bojack Horseman drinking game can be quite a lot of drinking especially if you really pick apart all the dialogue and start to realize just how much of it will qualify as depressing. The drink finishing rule is pretty sporadic and either won’t come up at all or might come up a few times depending which episode you put on. So grab a few drinks and try not to drink away all your loved ones like BoJack.