How to play the You (Tv Show) Drinking Game

You is a netflix drama about a bookstore manager who falls in love with a customer and ends up falling madly in love and becomes incredibly creepy and obsessive. Our drinking game takes this weird and off-putting drama and adds some fun drinking rules to help get through it.

Between the cyber stalking and the delusional self-assurance this show can really make your skin crawl. Plus the ample amounts of murders that seem easy for Joe to hide. So we decided to create a You drinking game to help calm your nerves.

What You’ll Need To Play

Just pop on any given episode, grab some drinks and you’re good to go. This show is very story driven so we suggest starting at the beginning.

You Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip of your drink whenever…

  • Anyone says the title of the show “You”.
  • Someone sends or receives a text
  • Joe is seen peering through a window
  • Someone posts a social media update of somekind
  • There’s a sex scene
    • Drink twice if joe is watching it like a creep
  • Peach brags about something

Take a big chug whenever…

  • Joe is actually caught in the act doing something creepy
  • Paco’s parents are being total degenerates
  • Beck talks about her poetry

Finish Your Drink Whenever Somebody Gets Murdered

With all of Joe’s constant delusional monologues the word “you” comes up a lot so keep your ears open. This You drinking game can get pretty heavy, especially with all the broad daylight murders. So take a break if you need one and please drink responsibly.