Brooklyn Nine-Nine Drinking Game

Brooklyn Nine Nine drinking game -

This drinking game is for the comedy cop sitcom starring Andy Samberg. It takes place in the heart of Brooklyn where Andy’s character Jake Peralta and the rest of his team solve crimes and generally just screw around under the dead-pan leadership of their captain Raymond Holt. So to help you enjoy this already hilarious show we created the Brooklyn Nine-Nine drinking game.

What You’ll Need

Any episode of Brooklyn 99 (currently on Netflix) and a few drinks. We recommend playing through a few episodes.


This game is exceptionally easy to play. Just read through the drinking rules and drink whenever they come up! players will also need to finish their drinks whenever there’s a flashback to Holt’s afro days. Most of the characters have common tropes like Jakes constant lack of professionalism and Boyle’s awkwardness.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Drinking Game Rules

Drink once whenever any of the following things happen

  • Jake dresses inappropriately
  • Gina mentions texting or emojis
  • Boyle says something inappropriate without realizing it
  • Rosa threatens someone
  • Terry mentions his workout routine or his affinity for yogurt
  • Scully or Hitchcock do something gross
  • Amy is being overly serious
  • A gun is shot

Drink three times whenever any of the following things happen

  • Jake comes up with a name for Amy’s sex tape
  • Holt’s sexuality comes up
  • A perp gets taken down
  • Jake sings a song or jingle
  • The Pontiac Bandit makes his first appearance in an episode
  • Holt’s husband makes his first appearance in an episode

Finish your drink whenever

  • There’s a flashback to Captain Holt when he had an afro.


Make sure to read over these rules a couple times before starting the drinking game because some of them can be easy to miss if you’re not paying attention. Most of these rules will come up every episode so it’s sure to do the trick. We hope you all enjoy the Brooklyn Nine-Nine drinking game.