How to Play The Haunting of Hill House Drinking Game

X  For the uninitiated this show is a new Horror series that’s based off a novel of the same name. The show revolves around the mysterious and deadly happenings at a solitary house. So we decided to come up with the Haunting of Hill House Drinking Game to help calm your nerves enough to get through this eerie series.

This show has all the makings of a great supernatural TV show. It maintains a constant eerie feeling to keep you on edge at all times so don’t go into this one unless you’re ready for a good scare.

What You’ll Need To Play

A few good episodes of the show and some drinks. The show itself is currently streaming on Netflix.

The Haunting of Hill House Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip of your tasty beverage whenever…

  • Someone says “dad” or “daddy”
  • Slow creepy music begins to play
  • Someone wakes up from a nightmare
  • There’s a jump scare
    • Take 3 sips instead if you got scared and jumped
  • Anyone sends or receives a text message or phone call
  • Someone feels the need to clarify that they don’t believe in ghosts or the supernatural
  • A doorknob begins to shake or jiggle
  • Anyone uses an analogy to try and explain something

Finish Your Drink Whenever Someone Is Pronounced Dead In The Show. (not including flashbacks)

This Haunting of Hill House drinking game can be quite a lot of alcohol consumption especially if you’re a bit of a wuss and jump at the many many jump scares in the series. So make sure to always drink responsibly and keep hydrated. Good news is not that many people die in this show so that rule won’t come up all too often. If you liked this movie you might want to check out some more of our horror movie drinking games here.