The Good Place Drinking Game

The Good Place Drinking Game -

The Good Place is a fantasy comedy show currently airing on Netflix. It follows Eleanor Shellstrop as she wakes up in the afterlife. In a bizarre case of mistaken identity she is sent to the nearly perfect “good place” instead of the terrible “bad place” she was meant to go to. Slowly as the show unfolds the good place starts to crumble because of her bad choices. Can she turn it around and become a good person to save herself and others?

This bizarre comedy makes for a great drinking game because there’s a ton of recurring tropes and themes to drink to.


The show “The Good Place” and drinks.


Players will be drinking to the many tropes present in this series. As well as finishing their drinks whenever the main character Eleanor switches from the “Good place” to a different place.


The Good Place Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one every time:

  • Eleanor tries to swear but it gets replaced with another word
  • Michael doubts his creations
  • Chidi gives Eleanor an ethical dilemma
    • Drink 2 if Eleanor chooses the immoral option
  • Tahani says something condescending
  • Jianyu is asked a question, to which he doesn’t reply because he’s still a buddhist monk
  • Anyone asks Janet a question
  • Eleanor has a flashback to her doing something mean
  • Something negative happens to the world as a result of one of Eleanor’s decisions
  • Janet gets reprogrammed
  • You notice something suspiciously evil
  • Trevor says something evil

Finish your drink whenever

  • Eleanor travels from one of the “places” to another.


The Good Place Drinking game follows a pretty steady pace. Most of these tropes do happen quite often although this show tends to have a lot of tempo shifts between episodes that will keep it pretty varied. The drink finishing rule won’t come up for quite a few episodes near the start of the series but will start to snowball so make sure to get those drinks ready.