The Disenchantment Drinking Game

The Disenchantment Drinking Game is for Matt Groenings latest cartoon comedy. This one takes place in Dreamland as the rebelling princess Bean slowly drinks herself into increasingly worse decisions. Which is why it makes for the perfect drinking game. The series follows bean, her demon Luci and an optimistic elf named Elfo.

Our drinking game is pretty simple. Any time any of the drinking rules come up just take a sip. This game can be played with any number of a people so just grab a few drinks and enjoy the show.

What You’ll Need

For this drinking game you’ll just want to stream a few episodes of Disenchantment (currently airing on Netflix) and grab some drinks. You’ll be as drunk as Bean in no-time.

Disenchantment Drinking Game Rules

Take a swig of your drink whenever any of the following comes up

  • Anyone in the show takes a sip of booze
  • Elfo is being naive about something
  • Someone dies. (If it’s a ton of people dying at once just drink until the bloodbath stops)
  • Anyone smacks or hits Luci
  • Elfo introduces himself to someone
  • Bean complains about her life
  • Luci says “Do it!”
  • There’s a scene of people looking into the green flame
  • Queen Oona does something oddly reptilian
  • Luci tries to sleep with someone

Our Disenchantment drinking game is pretty intense so make sure you got a few drinks ready to go. The most common one to come up is just how often Bean and the crew are seen drinking themselves into oblivion. If you liked this game you might want to check out our drinking games to Matt Groening’s other shows The Simpsons and Futurama. Regardless of which drinking game you choose to play please make sure you drink responsibly. If you feel like you’ve had enough for the night consider taking a break.