The Russian Doll Drinking Game

This Russian Doll drinking game is for the Netflix original tv series of the same name. The show follows some bizarre happenings as the Nadia continues to die and relive the same day on a continuous loop until she can figure out why it’s happening. The series the series continues you start to get more questions than answers as other characters enter the picture.

This show makes for a great drinking game since so many events loop so you can start to expect when the drinking rules are going to come into play. So expect a good amount of drinking no matter which episode you pick.

What You’ll Need To Play

All you need is a netflix subscription and some drinks to play this game. Then just follow these simple drinking rules.

Russian Doll Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip whenever

  • Someone takes drugs (other than alcohol)
  • Anyone lights up a cigarette
  • Someone takes a shot
  • Someone makes a phone call
  • Someone finishes someone else’s sentence for them
  • A wedding ring box is shown
  • Piano music starts up in the background

Drink 3 times whenever

  • Someone dies and their day gets restarted
  • Oatmeal is spotted
  • Someone gets hammered
  • You see a wedding ring
  • Someone brings up a new theory to explain why things are repeating
  • A russian doll is seen on screen


This russian doll drinking game can amount to a fair bit of drinking so make sure to take a break if you need one and never drink and drive. If you’re looking for more drinking games to newer shows why not take a look at our huge TV Show drinking game catalog.