Black Mirror Drinking Game

Black Mirror Drinking Game -

The Black Mirror drinking game has players drinking to this new age sci-fi show. This show is very much in the style of older shows like The Twilight zone. Each episode follows new characters and new plots so you never know what you’re going to end up watching.

As hectic and different as each episode of this series tends to be there’s certain things that do come up very often. Like the uses of strange new technologies that almost always ends up backfiring. So grab a beer and take a disturbing look at our potential future with this black mirror game!


Any episode of Black Mirror and drinks. Black Mirror is currently available to stream on Netflix.


Players will drink for all the crazy technology used in almost every episode in this show. As well as finishing their drink whenever a character dies.

Black Mirror Drinking Game Rules

Drink once whenever

  • Someone sends an E-Mail
  • You hear a notification noise (Like a bloop from a phone or computer)
  • Someone sends a message on their phone
  • Someone plays video games
  • There’s a close up of a television
  • Someone gets injected with something
  • You see a device attached to someone’s head in some way
  • Eerie music plays in the background

Drink 3 times whenever

  • Someone cries
  • Someone enters virtual reality

Finish your drink whenever

  • Someone dies or is imprisoned. (only do this once per episode if it’s multiple people)

The amount of drinking you’ll be doing during the Black Mirror drinking game entirely depends on which episode you choose. So get ready to roll the dice and see how much you end up drinking! Some episode focus entirely on phone conversations so you might hear a high number of notification noises to drink to. The drink finishing rule won’t necessarily come up every episode but it does occur often enough. A lot of characters either end up dead or imprisoned for life either in a real prison or a virtual hell. We also recently came out with a game for the new choose-your-own-adventure style movie Bandersnatch.