The Best 5 Player Drinking Games

Having exactly 5 people at the table can be an awkward amount for drinking games. Not quite enough for larger games, and not the right number for any team games. So what are the best drinking games for 5 people?

Best Drinking Games for 5 People


The great thing about Kings is just how easy it is to play. Players just take turns flipping cards and doing the required action or drinking, until the deck of cards is depleted.

What You’ll Need to Play

A deck of cards and some drinks. Shuffle the deck and place it near the center of the table where players can reach it. Then players take turns flipping cards and doing the required action.

Drinking Rules

  • Ace: “Waterfall“. Whoever draws this starts chugging. Then in turn each other player around the table starts chugging. Once the first player is done then the other players can stop as well.
  • Two: “Two is for you”. Choose a player to drink.
  • Three: “Three is for me”. Take a drink.
  • Four: “Touch the floor”. Last player to touch the floor drinks.
  • Five: “Five’s for the guy”. All guys take 1 drink.
  • Six: “Six is for the chicks”. All girls take 1 drink.
  • Seven: “Seven is heaven”. Last player to raise their hand drinks.
  • Eight: “Never have I ever”. The Player that flipped this card states something they have never done. Everyone who has done that must drink.
  • Nine: “Bust a rhyme“. The player that flipped this card chooses a word and then players take turns in a clockwise order rhyming with that word. First to mess up drinks.
  • Ten: “Story time”. The player who drew this card says 3 words to start a story. Then in turn going clockwise the next player must repeat every word of the story and then add a word of their own at the end. First to mess up drinks.
  • Jack: “Categories“. The player who drew this cards names a category. Then in turn going clockwise each player must name something that fits within that category. The player who fails to do so has to drink.
  • Queen: “Questions”. Whoever drew this card must ask someone a question. Then the person who was asked that question must respond with a question and direct it at another player. First player to mess up drinks.
  • King: “Make a rule”. Make a rule. Anyone caught breaking the rule drinks.


3-Man is a simple drinking game for 5 players or more, that only involves a couple of dice and some drinks. The goal of the game is to roll higher than the person before you or bluff and say that you did.

What You’ll Need to Play

Two dice, an empty cup and some drinks.

How to Play

Choose a player to start, they must roll the dice and read out the score they got. The score is the highest number followed by the lowest number. With the exception that any doubles are worth higher than any singles, so the highest roll would be 6-6, then 5-5, then 4-4, etc…

On a players turn they secretly roll the dice under the cup and then read out the score. (or lie and say they got a higher score then they did.) If nobody calls their bluff then the dice and cup are passed to the next player to try and roll higher. If a player fails to roll higher, or has their bluff called and was lying they must finish their drink. Then the game restarts with the next player.

CoolCats and AssHats

CCAAH Review
How to Play CoolCats and AssHats

The party game that’s all about trying to be a Cool Cat without coming off as too much of an AssHat. In this hilarious party game, players knowledge of eachother is put to the test as people try to guess if the player next to them likes or hates certain things.

Each round a judge is given a number of cards and they secretly vote on each card. Then the remaining players try to guess how the judge voted. At the end of each round the player who got the most right gets a reward in the form of a CoolCat card. The loser however has to suffer the shameful penalty printed on the next AssHat card.

Boom Cup

Boom Cup Drinking Game -

Boom cup is a game of speed where everyone tries to bounce a ping pong ball into the cup in front of them before the player next to them can do the same. It’s a quick game with a lot of drinking.

What You’ll Need to Play

About 20 cups, two ping pong balls and tons of beer. Fill all the cups half way with beer, except fill the middle cup all the way to the top. Place the cups in a circle. Give one ping pong ball and one empty cup each to two players who are on opposite ends of the table.

How to Play

Gameplay is simple but very fast. Count down from 3 then the game begins. The players with the ping pong balls try to bounce the ball into the empty cup in front of them. Once they do they pass the ball and cup clockwise. This continues as quick as possible until one person ends up with both cups and balls, they must choose a cup on the table to drink. Then they pass one of the balls and cups to the player across the table and another round starts. Play continues until all the cups are drank and someone has to drink the final “Boom Cup”.

Screw the Dealer

Screw the Dealer is a drinking game that gets one person in particular drunk, but you won’t know until later in the game who that will be. The objective is to guess the card the dealer is holding, and if the dealer can get 3 people to guess incorrectly in a row they get to pass the deck. The dealer does a lion’s share of the drinking so getting rid of the deck is crucial.

What You’ll Need to Play

A complete deck of cards with jokers removed and some drinks. Shuffle the deck and give it to whoever wants to be the first dealer.

How to Play

The dealer looks at the top card secretly then asks the next player which card they think it is. If they’re correct the dealer drinks 5 times, if they’re incorrect the dealer must state if the card is higher or lower and then the guesser gets one more guess. If the guesser gets it on the second guess the dealer drinks 3 times, otherwise the guesser drinks 3 times.

The dealer then goes on to ask the next player. The deck is only passed when the dealer gets 3 people to guess incorrectly in a row. After each round place the card face up on the table. By the end of the game players will be able to see what cards are still in the deck by looking at the ones on the table, meaning the last dealer to get the deck will have a lot of drinking to do.


Drink-A-Palooza -

Drink-A-Palooza is a party game that combines tons of classic party games like flip cup, quarters, beer pong and more into one fun-filled board game. It basically takes all your drunken college memories and crams them into one evening.

Players race around the board trying to win beer game pieces to fill up their six pack, by winning mini games. The game comes with cups, ping pong balls, and even a deck of cards for some of the sporadic card games included.

Cheers to the Governor

The goal of this vocal game is to count up to 21. Sounds simple right? well not when players are all half in the bag and coming up with wacky rules to make things more difficult.

What You’ll Need to Play

This game doesn’t require anything actually. Just some drinks.

How to Play

Choose someone to start, they say the “One.”. The next player clockwise says “Two” and so-on until one player reaches 21. When this happens everyone cheers, and whoever got to 21 comes up with a rule for next time. This can be anything like “Skip multiples of 4” or “Instead of saying 10 you must let out a fart”. Then players start again from 1 and try again, if a player messes up they must drink and restart. As play goes on there will be so many wacky rules in play that it becomes nearly impossible to make it to 21.

White Elephant

The White Elephant drinking game is one where players try desperately to pass the elephant to someone else before they have to drink. Players play the card in their hands to make someone drink or pass the elephant along.

What You’ll Need To Play

A deck of cards and something to represent the elephant. This can be anything like a TV remote, a box or a bottle cap. Doesn’t really matter. Then shuffle the deck, place it in the middle of the table and deal 3 cards face down to each player. Give the elephant to a player to start the game.

How to Play

Each turn players play a single card from their hand, depending on what the play is what happens. After a player plays a card they draw a new one to replace it. Play order is clockwise. The only way to lose a card is to have a jack played when someone has the effigy, first player to run out of cards loses the game and must chug a full drink.


  • Club: Whoever has the effigy drinks
  • Heart: The next players turn is skipped
  • Diamond: whoever played this card drinks
  • Spade: If they have the effigy they can pass it to the right

Special Cards

  • Jack: whoever has the effigy must discard a card and not replenish it.
  • Queen: Everyone drinks.
  • King: Reverse the turn order.
  • Ace: The player with the effigy must finish half their drink.
  • Joker: The player with the effigy must get on one knee and finish their drink.


Drinking Measuring Cup -

Fingers is a great drinking game for a pub or party. It’s easy to play and doesn’t require much equipment, and it usually gets someone pretty drunk. It’s a great drinking game for 5 people.

What You’ll Need to Play

A pitcher or large drinking vessel with beer. Fill the vessel and then each player puts a finger on the top of the glass.

How to Play

Someone counts down from three, and then each player either removes their finger or keeps it on the cup. At the same time each player says a number out loud, whoever’s number was closest to the number of fingers that remained on the cup wins the game, and they choose who has to drink what’s in the cup.

Was your favorite 5 player drinking game not on the list? Well odds are that’s because it found it’s home in our drinking game database. Always make sure to exercise caution when playing drinking games and please drink responsibly.