Boom Cup Drinking Game

Boom Cup Drinking Game -

The Boom Cup Drinking Game (Also known as the Slap Cup drinking game) is a great game for parties especially if the crowd is tired of the classic beer pong and are looking for something a little more fast paced. Plus there’s something satisfying about slapping a cup out from under someone before they can bounce their ball in it.



About 20-30 solo cups (about 3 cups per player), a couple ping pong balls and beers.

Set up:

Place all but two solo cups in the center of the table. Add about a quarter of a beer to every cup and then fill the cup in the very center. Pass the two empty cups and balls to the two players who are willing to start off the game.


Players aim to bounce the ball into the empty cup in front of them. If they can do this successfully before the player next to them does it they can slap the cup away from them causing them to have to drink one of the beers in the center of the table and use that as his new cup. The real loser of this game is the player who drinks the final full cup in the center.

Boom Cup Rules:

At the count of three the two starting players try to bounce their ball in the empty cup in front of them. If they get the ball to land in the cup in the first try they get to pick who to pass the cup to next. If they don’t they keep trying but when they succeed the cup must be passed to the next player on the right.

Play continues until a player manages to get his ball in the cup while the player to his right is still trying to do the same. If this happens the player that sank the ball can slap the cup away from the player to his right, who now has to drink one of the beers on the table. Play continues until every beer on the table is drank and someone is forced to drink the full cup.


Boom Cup ( or Slap Cup) is a great time. One of the fastest and simplest drinking games around. It’s always a hilarious when you get someone to drink a beer then manage to make them drink another one before they have the chance to retaliate.