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CoolCats and AssHats Review – The Perfect Amount of Drunken Debauchery

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How to Play CoolCats and AssHats

CoolCats and AssHats is a card based drinking/party game in which players vote on certain items hoping not to end up getting punished with Asshat cards. This game is for those who want to have a wild night and get a buzz on at the same time. It will bring your pregame to the next level!

How To Play

The idea of this game is players take turns being the judges who decide to like or dislike a bunch of different things, and the other players try to guess what the judge picked. Whoever got the most correct gets a CoolCat card (Typically hilarious rules like getting someone to fluff a pillow and place it under your royal buttocks) and the loser gets an AssHat card (Typically a punishment for losing the round such as taking a shot of soy sauce or gargling your beer for 15 seconds)

To start of the game someone is chosen to be the first judge. Then they flip some of the subject cards. Then they take the pad and paper and mark down their decision for each card, either thumbs up or thumbs down.

Once that’s done the judge reads out the subject cards one by one, then each other player gives it a thumbs up or down (trying to guess what the judge picked). The judge then reveals their answer, those who guess correctly get a point. This continues until each subject card is done.

At the end of the round the player with the most points gets to pickup a CoolCat card and do it immediately. The player with the least points picks up an Asshat card and do it immediately.

Then the next player clockwise becomes the judge for the next round.

If however there is a tie for first or last place, the ties are broken with the special Tie Breaker cards. These are usually some kind of mini game or quick trivia question to decide the winner.

CoolCats and AssHats Review


Overall I can honestly say this is one of the best drinking games we’ve played to date. The punishments and rewards in this game are all hilarious. Plus the tie breaker cards are an awesome way to settle ties.

By the end of the night we had on person drinking a concoction of Greek dressing and hot sauce, the other gargling their beer, and a third drunken person in the corner reluctantly cooking someone a grilled cheese. And really what better night could you ask for?

CoolCats & AssHats – Hilarious Adult Party / Drinking Card Game (Toy)

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The only real negative thing I can say about it is that it doesn’t really involve that much drinking except for the odd AssHat card that causes a player to pound back a beer. So we had to instill some house drinking rules like taking a sip whenever you make a wrong guess. This game definitely benefits from players having a few drinks.

We had a blast writing a CoolCats and AssHats review and we definitely recommend it for anyone looking to liven up their night with some insane stunts and shameful punishments.