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Fuck The Dealer

This game was pretty appealing because all that’s required is a deck of cards. As the title suggests this game is designed to hit one specific player pretty hard. The real tension of the game arises near the end when it’s becoming clearer and clearer which player is going to lose.


A standard deck of 52 cards (no jokers) and drinks


Players take turns as the dealer and the other players try to guess the card he’s holding. As the game progressing it becomes easier for the players to see which cards are out of play making it easier to guess.


One player is selected to be the dealer. The dealer draws 1 card and asks the player to his left which card it is. If he is correct the Dealer drinks 5  . If he’s incorrect the dealer then says if the card was higher or lower than his guess and he gets to guess again. If he is correct on the second guess the dealer drinks 3.  If both guesses were wrong then the guesser drinks the difference between his/her final guess and the number on the card. Once the player either succeeds or fails to guess the card correctly the card is laid face up on the table and the dealer then repeats the whole process to the next player in turn. The dealer continues to deal in this fashion until he gets 3 players in a row to guess incorrectly on both guesses then he can pass the deck to the player on his left and he becomes the new dealer.

Overall this game is great for building up tension as you frantically try to pass  the deck before you become the final dealer in the game. On the surface it’s simple but as the game nears an end is when the panic sets in and you start to realize that you might just be the loser.

This game is simple to teach and simple to play. It’s fun in the right company.  Great for getting one friend in particular to be way more drunk than everyone else in the room.