Cheers to the Governor Drinking Game

The Cheers to the Governor drinking game is incredible simple but manages to get so complex over time that it seems like players are speaking their own coded language. The best part is all you need is some drinks and you’re good to go!

This drinking game is great for any party because since the rules are made as the game progresses it’s incredible teach new players. Basically the more creative the players are with the rule making the more crazy and fun the game will end up being. Eventually there’s going to be a point where everyone agrees to stop the game but it’s hours of fun regardless.


Just some drinks

Set up:

Players sit in a circle and decide who goes first. That’s it.

Cheers to the Governor Rules:

The first player to go says the number “One.” Then play goes clockwise with each player saying the next number in order. Once someone gets to “Twenty-One” Everyone stands up and says “Cheers to the Governor!”. Whoever said 21 now gets to make a rule. This rule can be anything a player can come up with such as “We skip 6 now.” or ” Brown haired players drink on multiples of 5″ or even more confusing stuff like ” Players must keep their left eyes closed for even numbers “. Then the game begins again at 1 starting with the player that reached 21 last time. Any rule breaking results in a drink and then the count begins again at one.

This game has no real end point and players can play as long as they feel like. This game has a habit of lasting hours because players don’t want to give up on the crazy counting method they’ve all come up with.


Cheers to the Governor can be a decent amount of drinking depending on the rules players make and how forgetful they are. It’s an absolute blast at parties and can really turn a boring night into something memorable. Also it’s a great alternative if you’re sick of the classic card games that basically just result in you flipping cards and drinking some amount.