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Drink-A-Palooza : The all-in-one party board game

Drink-A-Palooza review - the Chuggernauts

Our Drink-A-Palooza review covers this exciting all-in-one party board game that pretty much incorporates any drinking game you could imagine. The premise is simple. Roll the die and move around the board, collecting beer bottle to fill your six pack and win the game! Beer bottles are collected throughout the game by winning short versions of many well known drinking games like Quarters, Beer pong and Flip Cup.

Now it’s important to note that this is not technically designed as a drinking game. Simply a party game that can very easily be converted into one. But for the purpose of this overview we’ll be covering it’s uses as a drinking game. We recommend playing with around 6 players. Anything 4 or less almost seems like the game ends too easily and it’s very possible nobody will even circle the board once with that few players.

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What is Drink-A-Palooza?

Drink-A-Palooza is a game played with the goal of filling up your six pack. Players take turns rolling a die and following the rules on the spaces. It comes with a handy rule book to describe what all the spaces do. Some create rules, or start drinking games. But the important spaces are the beer bottle spaces because the winner of that mini-game will earn a beer bottle and the loser has a drinking penalty.

Who should play?

This game is an instant hit at any party or large gathering. And don’t worry, even though there’s only 6 game pieces players can play in teams of 2 allowing for up to 12 players total. And any good party-goer already knows how to play the staple games like Beer Pong so just go with whatever standard house rules for those games that people seem to enjoy.

Drink-A-Palooza Rules

Once the board is set up and the bottle spinner and cup holder are both attached to the board players should be ready to begin. Make sure to have a few solo cups and a few quarters to start the game off, as these things aren’t included in the game initially. Place one of the cups on the drink stand and pour a comfortable amount of drink in it. This will be the drink cup and must be drank whenever someone gets last place in a mini game. Shuffle the deck and place it face down near the Kings space.

Players start on the start space.Spin the bottle in the center to choose a player to roll first. There’s 4 major types of spaces that players can land on.

Bottle spaces

These are the spaces with the large bottles on the board. These trigger one of 3 main mini games: Beer pong, Flip Cup or Quarters. The winner of these games earns a bottle and the loser must chug and refill the center drink cup.

Mini Games

These are various mini games that only serve to make one or more players drink. These games include Waterfall, Black Red, Kings etc.. Basically players must simply play those games and the loser must drink.

Pour/Drink cup

These spaces cause the player who landed on them to either pour more drink into the cup or drink it themselves.

Other Spaces

These are all the other spaces in the game which are mostly self explanatory. Such as make a rule, Steal a bottle or Booze your turn.

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The Verdict

Through our testing of this game we can safely say it’s a great time and a great way to get people excited at a party. The combination of common games make this a for-sure hit at most occasions. It’s not a whole lot of drinking unless players decide to play for longer than the 6 required bottles because generally if one player is very good at a mini game that player will win fairly quickly.

On the downside it doesn’t last very long. Personally we found it more practical to each grab 2 game pieces and play to 12 bottles otherwise we would have actually ended the game before any one had circled the board or had a chance to steal a bottle. There’s a bit of an excess of the bottle winning spaces which make the game fly by. Plus stuff like Kings will only see the light of day once or twice so there’s a lot of rules within that game that won’t ever get used. This is a minor gripe though as the game itself is still a great time.

Overall we’d recommend Drink-A-Palooza to any fans of classical drinking games that are looking for a way to spice up their next drinking night.