Fingers Drinking Game

Drinking Measuring Cup -

Fingers is a very simple game where players aim to guess the number of players that will keep their finger on the cup. It’s a simple drinking game that doesn’t require much other than a cup and some drinks. It’s a great way to start a night of drinking and make sure one friend gets a head start in getting drunk.


A cup or drinking vessel such as a pitcher, fingers, and drinks.

Set Up:

Fill the central cup or pitcher in the middle. Then everyone sits around it.


Players aim to guess the number of players that will have their finger on the cup at the count of three. Whoever is correct is eliminated and therefor must not drink the contents of the cup.

Fingers Rules:

The game begins by a player yelling “Scoff!”. Then players all start filling the glass in the middle until they feel like it’s full enough. From there each player puts their finger on the cup and someone begins counting down from 3. Once the count reaches 0 each player guesses a number out loud and either leaves his finger on the cup or removes it. If any players guess was correct they are eliminated from the game. Then another round starts with the remaining players. When there is only 1 player left he is the loser and must drink the cup.


For a bit of added humility we like to put something ridiculous in the center for the loser to drink out of such as a bowl or maybe grandma’s flower vase.


The Fingers Drinking game is either a whole lot of drinking or none at all. Most players won’t be forced to drink a single sip in this game but the poor sap with the weak guesses might have to chug more than he bargained for.