Mexicali is a very simple yet fun dice game that can be played with as few as 2 people, though we suggest playing with 3-5. Players take turns rolling the dice in secret and passing the cup trying to always beat the previous players roll. Mexicali brings in the option of lying which can make being lucky extremely hilarious as your opponents try calling you out on a good roll. So grab a few dice and some drinks and get ready for some quick witted lying and some unfortunate drinks.


Two dice a cup and some drinks.


Players will take turns rolling two dice in a cup keeping them hidden from the opposition. After each roll the player calls out what he rolled then passes the dice. Each subsequent player must have a higher total than the last or they lose, but players can try to lie about what their roll was. The previous roller may call out a player for lying, if they are wrong they drink. If the Player was caught cheating then they drink.

Mexicali Drinking rules:

The selected starting playing rolls two dice and says their value or lies about it. The player before him may call him out as lying. If the player is not called for lying he then passes the dice to his left and adds 1 to think drink total. This process is repeated until someone calls a player out for lying or a player gives up and admits they can’t beat the previous role. If a player is caught lying they drink however many the drink count was at. If the person that called out a liar was wrong then they drink that many instead. A player that gives up also must drink the count total. Once play restarts, the count is set back to 0.

When reading the value of the two rolled die you always count the highest dice first. A 2 and 4 will be read as 42. Any doubles are worth one hundred times the value on the dice. As such a 1 and a 1 will be read as 100. A 21 is called a Mexicali and beats any other value. 31 and 32 both reset the dice total at 0 but the drink counter remains the same. 31 also causes the turn order to reverse, and 32 also causes every player to drink 1.