How to Waterfall Drink

Waterfall Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

Multiple card drinking games exist that use the term “Waterfall” for a particular way to drink drinks. Such as Circle of Death or Kings Cup. If you wanted to know how exactly to do this we created a short guide on how to waterfall drink.

What You’ll Need

For this game everyone doing the Waterfall needs to have a drink ready. It works best with full drinks but it’s fine if players want to just drink what they have in front of them. It’s best if players are in a circle for this game.

How to Waterfall Drink

The idea of this game is that you cannot stop drinking until the player before you stops. Meaning they can make you drink as long as they keep drinking. Generally whoever drew the card that activates this game starts the waterfall and then it goes clockwise.

Once it starts the first player starts chugging their drink, then the second player, then the third player, and so on. Everyone stands around chugging until the player before them stops. You cannot stop until the player before you stops.

What this means is basically the first player controls how long everyone is chugging and can stop whenever they want. The second player has to wait for the first to stop, the third has to wait for the second, and so on.

If anyone finishes their drink during this they put it down and now the player after them is allowed to stop even though other players haven’t finished. This is why this game is best played with full drinks so nobody only drinks the last sip of their drink and throws a stick in the spokes.


We hope this short guide on how to waterfall drink has been helpful. Please make sure to drink responsibly as chugging beers can often lead to over consumption of alcohol.